Our Family Loves to Burn Candles.

The soothing aroma, warm glow, and soft flicker of candle light is a comfort in our home. After discovering the dangerous health effects from toxins that are present in most generic candles.  

After much research I discovered the most eco-friendly candle wax to burn was coconut wax. 

CocoWix candles are eco-friendly, natural, non-toxic, sustainable, vegan, and organic. The candles come in either a classic cotton wick, or a wooden wick for a more immersive burning experience. With clean, elegant, and simple packaging, these candles match seamlessly with any décor. In your living, room, kitchen, cottage, or even outdoors, allow the scents of CocoWix to fill the air and fragrance the memories you make.

So choose your favourite destination and let us take you there!!!